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Check Us Out


The birth of Doers of the Word really started spiritually years before our first service date of August 14, 2005 .

In 1999 Pastor David Wright discovered and accepted that his purpose from God was to perfect the Saints of God.

At this time he did not know exactly how God would use him to perfect the Saints of God, but he knew that his God-given purpose and assignment was to perfect God's people.

Pastor David and his wife Minister Melanie were extremely faithful in their teaching gifts from the Lord and in serving the other church ministries the Lord had directed them to fellowship at before the launch date of Doers of the Word Church.

In the years of 2004 and 2005 Pastor David and Minister Melanie believed the Lord was clearly calling Pastor David to the pastoral office.  And after much counsel, prayer, and seeking the Lord; Pastor David accepted the calling assignment of pastor, to perfect the saints of God, along with his helpmate Minister Mel.

Pastor David was ordained as an Elder by his Pastor, Elder John Goodloe of Victory Church of Jesus Christ in Washington, DC and began to pastor in August 14, 2005 with his wife Minister Mel.

The purpose, mission, and vision statement of Doers of the Word Church are almost identical.  The reason for this is because our:

Purpose  - is to do the Word of God we Hear

Mission -  is to do exactly what God told us to do in His Word (The Holy Bible)

Vision  - is that we envision a local body of believers actually doing the Word of God we hear.

We believe according to 

James 1:22 

That in order for us as Saints of God, not to be deceived, we must go from just hearing God's Word to actually doing God's Word.

Doers of the Word is a Church Known For:

Hearing the Word of God in the church and doing the Word of God in the world.

Being a place of refuge for God's scattered sheep.

Standing firm in an uncompromising manner on God's Word.

Perfecting the Saints of God instead of entertaining the Saints of God.

Having the standard of living holy not as a suggestion, but as a commandment from God.

For teaching the Saints of God to HATE SIN but to LOVE THE SINNER

Using the "Word" to win the lost and not the "world" to win the lost.

Having and developing leaders with a mind "to serve" versus "to be served".

Asking God what we can give Him, vs. just what He can give us.

Being a ministry where the Saints of God are more important than the "things" of the world.