At Doers of the Word we have only one way to financially support the ministry - through Tithes & Offering.  We believe according to God's Word that this is the only way to financially support His church. In short, we believe every financial need of Doers of the Word will be supplied by God's principle of tithes and offerings.  We believe if God said it, He will do it; and if He said, He would give it, we don't have to go chase it or manipulate people to give.

We are determined, with the help of God, not to ask the Saints at Doers of the Word Church or those who financially support this ministry, for a penny more than tithes and offerings.  We are prepared to go without until God brings the provision for the vision. Therefore, there will be NO fancy fundraising programs, building fund drives, bake or dinner sales, car washes, bingo events, talent shows, "special" offerings or love offering to raise money.  If the tithes and offering are not enough that means God is saying no, or not yet.

We fully expect every member of Doers of the Word to be a "tithe and offering paying" Saint of God according to His Word in Malachi 3:8-12.  But please know, you will never be manipulated to give financially more than tithes and offerings.

If this ministry has been a blessing to you and you would like to honor God by obeying His Word to give in tithes and offering, please do so here.

Tithes and Offerings are used to not only fund this website, but also to help fund the ministry of Doers of the Word Church.

God bless you and thank you for your giving to help fulfill the will of God.

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